I was making microwaveable meatballs and there was a fly and I was like oh shit this fly is going to go for the meatballs so I shut the microwave door but I forgot my hand was also in the microwave so I slammed it on my own hand, I slammed the microwave door on my own fucking hand in an attempt to save my food I’m a fucking idiot



today, i got suspended for wearing the outfit above. 

i was eating lunch and my vice principal came up to me and told me that my shirt was too low and my cleavage was showing. i told her that i was covered up and there is no need for me to change, and that you would have to be looking awfully hard to see any cleavage, and she told me i was being disrespectful and i said that i wasn’t and that i was just stating that my shirt was fine. she stormed off and left me alone for the rest of the lunch hour.

the first class after lunch, the principal and the vice both come into my classroom and pull me aside to tell me that i need to change my shirt. i told them no, i don’t, and that my shirt is fine the way it was. they told me i was breaking the dress code, and that i needed to change or call my parents to pick me up. i refused again and told them that my shirt was fine, and that it did not break the dress code as my shoulders and cleavage were both covered by the lace top i was wearing. 

they brought me into the office where i called my mom, who was at a meeting and was unable to pick me up, and they toid me again to change and i told them for the last time that no, i am not changing out of a shirt that is perfectly appropriate for school. 

they brought me into the in school suspension room and had me sit there for the last two periods of the day, where i did school work. at the end of the day i was called into the office where they told me i was suspended for three days, out of school. i took the papers home and brought them to my mom , who told me what the teachers had said about me. 

they had told my mom that i was distracting boys in my class, that they were giggling, and making a very big deal out of my cleavage. my school has the same students for every class, and this was 4 periods with people who had already been seeing and talking to me all day, which would make no sense for them to start making a big deal at the end of the day.  plus, i would have noticed people laughing and staring at me, if it were true. 

so yeah, this is why i need feminism. this is bullshit.